Abhishek Mandloi 

who loves unruled notebooks

Abhishek is just another random guy from the universe.

He founded Unfortune's 500 company Gtricks before the Big Bang. Later in the same year, he boarded on his RX-100 and ascended to the earth's lower atmosphere level. He then captured the Himalayas, photographed Big Foot, won a Nobel peace prize, twelve Olympic medals (all silver) and four Oscars from his two films.

Since landing, he has cured AIDS and achieved nirvana. That was on Friday.

360° Pen Spin

Rubic's Cube

Badminton Tricks

Digital Consulting for a distinct Digital Interactive Corporation

Since 2013

Software Engineering for a India's Most Admired IT Company

PGDM(C) 2011-13 Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad
B.E. (Computer Science) 2004-08 Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Indore
Class XII (ISC) 2004 Laurels International, Indore
Birthday February 11
Gender Male
Religious Views I get holidays on all religious festivals, so I love ALL religions.
Interests DM, Design, Badminton, Trekking

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